Top 9 Blonde Medium Hairstyles


When we see a blonde touch on a hair it spices up the whole hairdressing scenario. By adding layers to your medium hairstyle, you can bring out the feminine look. A blonde medium hairstyle also helps to adjust the face angles and provide it with a suitable frame. People will look at you in a different way when you layer your medium length hairstyle. Thus for giving your hair the recognition it deserves, go through the following list of the best blonde medium-length hairstyles.

1. Classy Blonde Medium Length Hairstyle:

This hairstyle will help you in achieving that country girl look that you always wanted. The asymmetrically divided hair comes with sun-kissed blonde touches which are rather light. It adjusts the bad angles of your face by fixing the eye line. Women with oblong and heart-shaped faces can sport this haircut.

2. Curled Out Medium Blonde Hairstyle:

Women with naturally curly hair will be most beneficial from this haircut. Here the hair is very well layered and set loose. The natural curls extend to the shoulders. Dark blonde color will also be suitable for medium length hair. The hairstyle will make you look smart and contemporary.

3. Side Parted Blonde Medium Hairstyle:

Women with oblong faces will rock this side parted blonde look. The hair is not equally divided as one part looks more voluminous than the other. You can pull it back from the side to make the sides look shaved. It comes down to the shoulders and makes it one of the best styles for medium length hair.

4. Medium Blonde with Brown Highlights:

This is one of the coolest looks for women with medium blonde hair. Just provide the hair with brown highlights and embrace the beauty of the traditional highlighted blonde hairstyle. Women with all face shapes (except round faces) can carry this look. Thick will be the best component of this magnificent look.

5. Chic Medium Blonde Hairstyle:

If you want to look unique and sport the medium blonde hairstyle at the same time then part it in the middle. By dividing it symmetrically in the middle, the colors will look more prominent throughout the hair. In this look, the thickness of the hair is the determining factor. Smooth hair will look great if styled in this way.

6. Medium Blonde Hairstyle With Side Swept Bangs:

When you add bangs to the conventional blonde hairstyle, it looks even more alluring. This hairstyle offers lowlights which make the hair look calm. As usual, the forehead is partially covered up as well the cheeks. This actually frames your face in a good way by giving you that smart and oblong look even if you have a round face.

7. Curly Medium Blonde Hairstyle:

The curly blonde look is a suitable companion of medium length hair. If you have naturally curly hairs then you will get the most advantage from this haircut. Wear it with a party dress or just go casual.

8. Straight Medium Blond Hairstyle:

Use a straightener on your blonde hair and make it linear from top to the bottom. This cute haircut comes over the forehead and the edges and hides them from exposure. It is a quick and easy look for most women for being suitable for all faces and hair types.

9. Sharp Medium Blonde Hairstyle:

This acute hairstyle sports elegant and sharp. Women with oblong faces will be most beneficial from this hairstyle. Light and smooth hair is the best by-factor for obtaining this look.

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