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If you are looking for awesome living room decorating ideas using mirrors, here we are! Today, we would throw some light on how one can decorate his or her living rooms with ornamental mirrors. Mirrors can help reflect the true essence of your home and come in plenty of designs and shapes. You can now improve the way your living areas look when you embellish the walls with decorative mirrors. Enjoy!

Living room decorating ideas with golden mirrors

Below are showcased gorgeous living room decorating ideas using ornamental mirrors in various styles. Mirrors in golden accents can lend a touch of opulence to your room’s decor. The golden framed mirrors come in different textures like contemporary, traditional or vintage.

The golden chunky round mirror seen fixed on the wall in image one adds speckles of oomph to the interiors. The style is protruding and the circumference is made of four layers of chunky golden design. If this is too heavy for your taste, try to go for sunburst styles that look very classy. These come in different styles to suit contemporary or traditional decor. You can choose from these stunning mirror ideas and see the transformation happening!

Living Room Decorating Ideas
Stunning golden round decorative mirror

Image Credit: pinimg

Image Credit: inovatics

Inspiring living room decorating ideas with silver decorative mirrors

Among other metallic tones, the silver accents is one of the most popular. You can pick gorgeous looking wall mirrors in pure silver tones. Or, else, choose such designs that offer you eclectic combinations in other colors too. For example, try adorning the wall with stainless steel framed silver mirror. You can also pick up large wall mirrors for living room in silver.

Note that in the first picture, the living room’s accented wall is beautified with a silver mirror in rectangular shape, though, it looks like an elongated form of a hexagon. It looks stylish and is a perfect way to add shimmer to a modern interior. Silver is a popular choice for mirror frames but if you are not too much into shimmer, then try going for oxidized silver frames.

Decorative Mirrors For Living Room
Luxurious living room decor with silver stainless steel-mirror

Image Credit: vlokswagen

Large Wall Mirrors For Living Room
Awesome living room decor with silver framed mirror

Image Credit: eleganthomesinla

Group of decorative mirrors for living room

A wall displaying a variety of decorative mirrors can look very appealing. Sometimes, instead of placing just a large ornamental mirror, you can try embellishing using different kinds of mirrors to create an accent wall. Go for roundel mirrors of various sizes. Or, choose any other design as you wish.

The following living room decorating ideas will offer you much information on choosing the right mirror collage. For example, the white wall in first image appears out of this world as it looks stunning with a collage of roundel mirrors with black frames. These mirrors, when placed in a collage seem to make the wall the center of attraction. Similarly, you can deck up the walls in small or medium sized square mirrors grouped together to form artistic designs. Mirrors in groups act as wall decorations and are a visual treat.

Large Wall Mirrors For Living Room
These round mirrors on the wall add a focal point in this living room

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Image Credit: peterdecor

 Decorative Mirrors For Living Room
This collage of mirrors adds a dash of style to this room

Image Credit: alicdn

Living room decorating ideas with antique mirrors

Antique decorations pave the way for creating an aristocratic look for your home. When thinking of using antique pieces for home decor, pick a few antique mirrors. Antique polished mirrors on walls can lend a classy touch and help create a focal point of attraction in your room. Choose either brass, gold or silver antique mirrors like the ones shown here.

Note how beautiful the lavish living room in image one appears where the wall above the fireplace is adorned with an antique framed mirror. It offers a contrasting effect to the otherwise modern settings seen in the interior. The intricately designed antique mirror in gold too looks very engaging along with bright red sofa and white rug.

Large Living Room Mirrors
Lavishly decorated living room using an antique mirror

Image Credit: houzmagz

Decorative Mirrors For Living Room
Traditional living room decorated with an antique mirror

Bronze decorative mirrors for living room

Now that we have covered silver and gold accented mirrors, its turn now for some bronze to shine up your room! Bronze framed mirrors come in different styles. For example – vintage tones or contemporary. Pick the style that suits your decor and personal tastes. Bronze lends an elegant feel and is a very popular choice.

Image Credit: notonthehighstreet

Decorative Mirrors For Living Room
Stunning bronze wall mirror

Appealing large wall mirrors for living room

Here are amazing decorative mirrors for living room that will blow your minds! If you have a wall that’s quite big and is left empty, try embellishing it with a large ornate mirror. We have handpicked a few gorgeous large sized mirrors for every taste. For example – the Venetian mirror that looks extremely attractive.

A large wall mirror can make the space appear bigger. Its a must to be included feature when you have a huge wall. Instead of covering it up with other wall motifs or art, its best to add a large framed mirror to add a balance to the decor.

Large Living Room Mirrors
Gorgeous Venetian mirror

Beautiful and creative decorative mirrors for living room

There are a hundred different living room decorating ideas. But, ideas involving the use of mirrors can add uniqueness like no other element can. This is because a decorative mirror can make your space appear big, lively and welcoming, all at the same time. Here are a few innovative mirror designs we have specially chosen for you. The fan shaped mirrors look very funky and are a trendier take on the famous Japanese style fan design. The golden sunburst mirror, the creative glance mirror, and the handcrafted green Marie Therese mirror are other choices you can try. Do enjoy them!

Decorative Mirrors For Living Room
Creative fan shaped decorative mirrors

Living Room Decorating
Black framed mirror adding creativity to this room

Image Credit: drawhome

Awesome living room decorating ideas with geometrical mirrors

Geometrical mirrors add a dramatic look to your walls. These can come in different shapes like oval, roundel, hexagonal, square and rectangular shapes. Looking at the popularity of geometrical mirrors, we have tried bringing a unique collection below. Some may fall in love with the large wall mirrors for living room. Others will find smaller ones suiting their decor better.

If you like rounds or circles, try these stylish silver accented circle framed mirrors seen decking up the blue wall of the living room in image number one. The frames act as mirror with no glass. The golden honeycomb mirror too looks glam and is a hexagon basically.

 Decorative Mirrors For Living Room
Stylish round mirrors on this blue wall

Image Credit: tiendo

Living Room Decorating Ideas
Geometrical mirrors decking up the wall

Image Credit: designrulz

Living rooms are the centers of attraction for you and your guests. These must look tasteful. Among other ways to decorate the spaces and walls, mirrors are perhaps the easiest way to add a style statement. Decorative mirrors help in creating a wondrous feel inside and suit every personality. Our interesting gallery of living room decorating ideas with mirrors are meant for each one of you. So go ahead and pick a piece that best compliments your style.

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