Best Anti Aging Tips to Stay younger : Diet, workout and healthy lifestyle


Best Anti Aging Tips to Stay youngerBest Anti Aging Tips to Stay younger

In today’s world we look at celebrities , models in magazines ,television and we wish that we also could get wrinkle free skin, silky hairs and toned body like them. Have you ever thought what is the secret behind their appearance. It’s  their tendency to eat good, live a healthier lifestyle on a consistent basis. In this article we will talk about  Best Anti Aging Tips to Stay younger

Aging is a natural process and it begins to show on our body, skin and hairs as we grow older . However some body functions like over oxidation of cells and glaciation accelerates the aging process.

Have you ever noticed that aging comes differently to different people . Like some people look 60-65 years old even when they are just 40-45 years old. On the other hand some people in their 60’s still look younger. This difference is result of their dietary pattern ,healthier lifestyle and sometimes because of taking in some anti aging -supplements .

In this article Best Anti Aging Tips to Stay younger I will provide you with best food and drink which will slow down your aging process and helps you out in staying young .

Food and Drinks which makes you stay younger:-

Natural Herbs:-

Herbs like garlic and turmeric are known to have anti aging properties in them as they contain anti- oxidants and cleansing nutrients.


Blueberries , Goji berries and cranberries are known as powerhouse of nutrition which makes them so valuable in every adults diet. They provide anti aging skin care .So do include them in your diet.

Green leafy vegetables:-

A bowl of green vegetable is a must in your diet, not only they provide vital nutrients but also very good for overall health , healthy eyesight, hairs  and in preventing cancer.They are rich in anti-oxidants and fight against premature aging . Some of the veggies which must be included in your diet are spinach, Beans, cabbage, kale, Swiss chard etc.

Adding Fish in your diet:-

Researches have shown that Omega -3 fats slows down aging process . Fish provides us with good source of Omega -3 fatty acids . Fishes like wild Alaskan salmon contains vitamin D and axtaxanthin which are powerful antioxidants helpful in fighting aging .


when it comes to drinks what can be a better option then a cup of tea. Tea like black tea, green tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea  protects the cells from free redical damage.

Just talking about the foods and drink helpful in slowing down the aging process is not going to seal the deal. We also have to learn about the foods and drinks which speeds up the aging process . This is to ensure that what you must eat and what must  avoid.


Sugar is pro inflammatory and promotes an unhealthy microbiome . Both of these factors may result in accelerated aging process . So stay away from those cupcakes, sweets and cookies.

Refined oils:-

Key to maintaining healthier skin is to avoid oils like sunflower, soybean, canola oils. Rather you must switch over to healthier fat options like fish, nuts, seeds ,olive oil, avocados etc.


People with slow metabolism often use caffeine but if taken at the wrong time it can play with your sleep which will in turn puts an adverse impact on your aging process. Too much caffeine is also known to be raising stress hormones Cortisol , so excessive amount of caffeine can hamper your health in a number of ways.


Salt makes you to stay dehydrated and  fatigued .This in turn makes you look tired and bloated as it draws water outside the cells.


It is one of the major contributor toward speeding up the aging process .The consumption of alcohol is pro inflammatory and speeds up the aging process.

Basic lifestyle changes which will help you to stay younger:-

Keep yourself active:-

Incorporate  weight lifting, running ,jogging ,any type of cardio in your daily lifestyle. Staying active keeps your joints lubricated , supports detoxification, increases lean muscle mass , increased production of testosterone and growth hormones ,improved cardiovascular health etc. Healthier lifestyle makes a great impact on body and within a week’s time you will start to see noticeable changes in your body language, your skin, your body etc.

Healthy dietary pattern:-

As I said healthy diet is the most essential thing when it comes to slowing down the aging process. Start to cook yourself to know the exact amount of ingredients you are using along with their nutritional value. Try adding green leafy vegetables in each diet. Minimize sugar and salt consumption over the period of time.


A good sleep is always recommended to slow down the aging process. It lowers down your stress levels , so try and get at least 08 hours of sleep every day .

Best Anti Aging Tips to Stay younger:-

1) Drink plenty of water throughout the day .  We often neglect the importance of water in day to day life. However it helps in improving skin tone , texture and even refining the skin contours. Increase your water intake to atleast 03-04 liters a day.

2) Add good quality fish oil supplements like Omega -3 fatty acids which strengthens the cell membrane and also ensures that cell membrane performs the vital functions like waste removal ,nutrient uptake ,keeping skin hydrated etc. Taking these supplements for 02-03 months will show noticeable results on your skin.

3) Studies have found that egg white face mask refines your pores, Tightens the skin and to your surprise brightens up the complexion. So try and put on the mask once a week for 20 minutes and wash it with warm water to see the best results.

4) Quit smoking :- If you are a smoker you need to quit it if you desire  delaying your aging process. Smoking is found to choke blood vessel circulation. In other words it has Vasoconstriction effect. Therefore give up on smoking completely.

5) Eat Enough Protein:- This macro-nutrient is building block of life for a reason . Not only it helps you to gain muscle mass but also essential for healthy hairs.

6)Manage Your Stress:- Stress has an adverse impact on both your physical and mental well-being . Too much stress results in speeding up of aging process . To de stress yourself try and get more sleep , meditate and practice yoga.

So here were some of my Best Anti Aging Tips to Stay younger . I have myself experienced changes in my body by following these tricks. Do give it a try .Stay Healthy and smiling.

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