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5 Plants with Fall Color

We are often asked, “Is fall a good time to plant?”  The answer?  “Absolutely!”  By mid fall many plants are beginning a state of dormancy and very little is occurring with above ground growth. Planting trees and shrubs in the fall allows for an expanded root system to develop before next Spring.   A deeply rooted plant will be able to tolerate the many stress factors effecting our plants during the summer months.  Proper planting techniques, appropriate fertilizers, and consistent watering are essential for developing healthy trees and shrubs.

Naturally, in early fall Fairview Garden Center is filled with the latest and greatest trees and shrubs to help add interest and pizzazz to your landscape through the cooler months.  Here are a few of our favorites from the nursery that would be a great addition to your landscape this season:

Lespedeza ‘Little Volcano’

This bush clover is an upright mounding shrub with arching branches.  It’s blue-green leaves turn a golden yellow before dropping in the fall. October is the peak blooming season for the reddish-lavender pea like flowers that cover the branches.   Details:

Nyssa ‘Green Gable’

This Black Gum has an upright, pyramidal growth habit with uniform branching.  Summer foliage is shiny, deep green, with fall color transforming to brilliant red.   Details:

Arctic Fire Red Twig Dogwood

The Arctic Fire Red Twig Dogwood is a dwarf deciduous shrub. The stems are a striking red color in the fall followed by white flowers in the spring.   Details:

Callicarpa americana

American Beautyberry is a wonderful shrub featuring small blue flowers in summer followed by a spectacular display of bright purple berries in fall even after the leaves drop.

Thuja occidentalis ‘Sunkist’

This semi-dwarf evergreen Arborvitae has a compact growth habit with a pyramidal form. Its stunning golden foliage turns dark yellow to orange in the fall.  Details:

In early fall the Fairview Garden Center nursery department is fully stocked with beautiful trees and shrubs just waiting to get their roots in the ground.  It’s the perfect time to plant, let us help you find the right plant for the right spot in your yard!

Happy Fall Planting!



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